Qualification network Polyflame

A qualification network under the consortium leadership of the Department of Polymer Engineering and Science and in collaboration with the Laboratory of Polymer Engineering (TGM Vienna) set itself the goal of better preventing fire disasters.


Fire disasters such as the high-rise fire in the UK in November 2017 show that the fire behavior of polymers is a decisive criterion for preventing such accidents. This is influenced by many different parameters in the field of material technology and fire process. These are scientific (chemistry, physics) and engineering (plastics technology, civil engineering, railroad engineering, electrical engineering, ...) issues. Since not all knowledge in this area can be available at companies, the Polyflame project called on proven experts from the scientific partners in order to achieve a higher qualification of the industrial participants.

Future-oriented topics

The qualification network "Fire Properties of Polymers - trends and innovations for flame-retardant plastics" also dealt with forward-looking topics such as additive manufacturing or zero halogen polymers. In addition to lectures, practical experiments to apply the newly acquired knowledge and round-table discussions to deepen the knowledge were used as teaching methods. In addition, the participants prepared a project paper for their company that included an implementation strategy for the newly acquired knowledge in the form of a feasibility study. The training gave the participants the opportunity to be certified as experts in the fire behavior of polymers. The implementation of the project in the company, with the support of suitable partners or experts from the training courses, should lead to the generation of innovations and the development of new products. In addition, networks were formed that will continue to exist after the end of the project. These should also serve to establish such a course on the fire behavior of polymers in the longer term.

A success despite corona

The final event had to be held online due to Corona. Despite these difficulties, however, it was a complete success, with all company partners expressing positive opinions and being convinced of the quality of the training.


Further information:
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Gisbert Rieß
Institute of Chemistry of Polymeric Materials