Comprehensive training

Apart from the introductory lectures, teaching at the Institute of Polymer Processing takes mainly place in the higher semesters of the bachelor program and the master program. The students receive a comprehensive education in polymer processing from the basics to special fields which can be deepened in the extensive range of elective subjects, which are all taught in English. In addition to the lectures, special emphasis is placed on practical training in exercises and practical courses, in which the handling of the machines and the measuring technology as well as modern simulation software is practiced and the students learn to work independently with these systems.

In the fundamentals, a deepened understanding of the material behavior of polymers with regard to the flow behavior or thermodynamic processes such as melting and cooling processes is taught. The interaction between material behavior and process conditions is an important point within the education in order to be able to solve existing processing problems or to develop new processes in working live by means of a thorough material and process understanding.

Exercises & Internships

The competences from the lectures and practical courses are further deepened in the bachelor and master theses. Most of these are projects in cooperation with our industrial partners. In this way, students learn how to work in projects and become familiar with the basics of project management and manage small projects themselves.

Of central importance are the dissertations and the projects associated with the dissertations. With these projects, the main focus of the institute is set and expanded. The doctoral students are an essential support of the institute both in the scientific development and in the cooperation with industry.