With our longterm experience in the area of compounding and material development we are capable of solving different tasks in these fields.

  • Production of (highly) filled polymer compounds from small to semi-industrial scale
  • Development of materials with tailor-made property profiles
  • Mechanical, thermal and rheological characterization of polymer compounds
  • On- and in-line quality monitoring of compounding processes using NIR-spectroscopy


Compounder line 1

Compounder linie 1

  • Gravimetric quadruple feeding station (Brabender)
  • Twin screw compounder (Theysohn TSK30)
  • Gear pump (Maag)
  • Continuous screen changer (ECON)
  • Underwater pelletizer (ECON)

Compounder linie 2

Compounder linie 2

  • Gravimetric quadruple feeding station (KTRON)
  • Twin screw compounder (Werner & Pfleiderer)
  • Cooling bath with strand pelletizer (Werner & Pfleiderer)

Supplemental equipment

Supplemental compounding equipment

  • In-line NIR spectrometer (i-Red)
  • On-line Rheotens (Göttfert)
  • Vacuum degassing
  • Belt haul off with strand pelletizer for line 2

Small batches, sample and specimen production

  • Twin screw extruder with water bath and strand pelletizer (Brabender Rheocord)
  • Lab kneader (Haake Rheomix)
  • Lab vacuum press (Dr. Collin)