Injection Molding Compounding

The injection molding compounder is an highly energy efficient production technology. The processing is done in “single-heat” at lower working temperatures and shorter residence times and therefore less material stress . The molten material exits the extruder and is directly transferred into the injection unit using a heated melt line  and a melt accumulator. After the shot volume is reached, a conventional injection molding process starts and the part can be produced.

The unique concept of the injection molding compounder at the Department of Pol-ymer Engineering enables the production of innovative nano-reinforced thermoplastics, so called polymer nanocomposites (PNCs) in a temperature range up to 400 °C.

Research topics:

  • Optimization of the process technology of the injection molding compounder
  • Use of nanofillers as synergists to improve

    • mechanical properties,
    • flame resistance,
    • barrier properties and
    • increasing the thermal conductivity

  • Improvement of the intercalation and exfoliation of nanoscale fillers with new concepts in process control
  • •    Improved processability of highly viscous polymer melts