WEBINAR: LowReeMotors

The 6th of July, at 13.00 (Brussels, Madrid) a webinar titled 'LowReeMotors: Rare earth reduction in high performance permanent magnet electric machines' will take place. The webinar is organized by the consortium of LowReeMotors project.


Webinar short description 
The LowReeMotors project will develop efficient motors with Nd-Lean magnets. Developed permanent magnets will content up to 10% less rare earth elements. The consortium will combine a strong expertise in machine designing as well as a full expertise in magnet manufacturing. The project would deliver 4 motors and a complete process chart for new magnet.

The webinar is open to industry, research centres and universities.

All the attendees (speakers and round table members included) should be registered in the following link, in order to get the link to the webinar. The timetable in the previous link is estimated, but any presentation can delay or advance, so we strongly recommend to connect at the beginning of the webinar.

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Dr. Fernando Garramiola
Electronics and Computer Science department
Mondragon University

Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Schuschnigg
Institute of Polymer Processing
Department Polymer Engineering & Science