From molecule to product

Our research focus is on the development and selection of suitable polymeric materials for new applications, the design and construction of plastic components and composites, the development, optimization and application of suitable processing technologies, chemical analyses, physical, mechanical and other technical examinations, the testing of application properties, the determination of quality criteria, production and planning tasks and feasibility studies.


Material data

  • Material data for simulation, thermoplastics, rubbers and elastomers, WPC and PIM-Feedstocks
  • Processes and Simulation

Component design

  • Process development and robust process management
  • Special processing procedures such as injection moulding compounding, expansion injection moulding and exjection

Testing and Analysis

  • Polymer testing and identification
  • Morphological and structural analysis
  • Mechanical and physical material testing
  • Surface analysis
  • Component testing and failure analysis
  • Material selection and material development


  • Process analysis
  • Life cycle assessment

Various options of cooperation as well as consultancy and training offerings complete the range of services.