Lightweight construction

At the Department of Polymer Engineering at the University of Leoben, the research focus on lightweight construction has been continuously built up since the establishment of the field of study in 1970. The research activities have always focused on the versatile properties of the polymer materials themselves as well as aspects of their processing and construction. 
Over the decades, the research aspects have been oriented towards the respective changed requirements from industry as well as the economic, ecological and legal framework conditions. In this context, current research activities include, for example

  • the development of highly filled polymers for the additive manufacturing of implants in medical technology, 
  • the establishment of innovative methods for the experimental determination and prediction of the service life of plastic components, 
  • the model-based description of the relevant mechanisms in the manufacture of high-performance components made of fibre-reinforced polymer composites for aviation, or 
  • the development of novel concepts for the design of components made of plastics and polymer composites that are optimised in terms of shape, load and materials.