Position as PhD Student at LIST in the field of directing vitrimer reactivity and structure for reliable thermal reshaping

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You’d like to contribute as a researcher? Join our Materials Research and Technology department!

Your profile:

You hold a Master’s or equivalent in Polymer Science / Engineering, Composite Science / Engineering, Materials Science / Engineering, Chemical Engineering or a related field, and wish to carry out impactful, high quality experimental research in collaboration with a diverse group of colleagues. You enjoy learning new things, using your creativity to solve problems, and taking advantage of opportunities to build your skills. You’re used to communicating effectively in English, both in writing and orally, and documenting your work (minimum certified B2 level). You are careful, conscientious and well organized in the lab, happy to work with others and motivated to make a difference in what you do.

How will you contribute?

The PhD will undertake the synthesis and crosslinking of new vitrimer precursors. During the course of his /her doctoral project, the candidate is expected to develop and synthesize multi-responsive materials relying on dual-exchange vitrimers. Further on, the candidate is expected to participate in the preparation of vitrimer composite materials and study and improve their thermal reshaping behavior. The main goal is to study vitrimer network structure-properties relations with the aim of tuning thermal stamping / forming behavior of the final composite material. The candidate will carry out molecular and thermal/mechanical characterization of the precursors and resultant materials via a range of techniques (among others: NMR, IR, GPC, rheology, DSC, TGA, DMA, tensile).

The selected candidate will make a strong and impactful contribution to the synthesis of vitrimer materials and in their implementation in thermally reshapable composites in practice.