Position as PhD Student at LIST in the field of multi-tier recycling of vitrimer/ hybrid fiber composites

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Your profile:

You hold a Master’s or equivalent in Polymer Science / Engineering, Composite Science / Engineering, Materials Science / Engineering, Chemical Engineering or a related field, and wish to carry out impactful, high quality experimental research in collaboration with a diverse group of colleagues. You enjoy learning new things, using your creativity to solve problems, and taking advantage of opportunities to build your skills. You’re used to communicating effectively in English, both in writing and orally, and documenting your work (minimum certified B2 level). You are careful, conscientious and well organized in the lab, happy to work with others and motivated to make a difference in what you do.

How will you contribute?

Hybrid composites combine conventional and renewable fibers and promise increased energy absorption, stiffness and water resistance as well as reduced mass, cost, and carbon footprint. Yet, hybrid composites present technical and environmental challenges during their lifecycle and especially at end-of-life, as they are hard to recycle. In this project the focus lies in using benzoxazine vitrimers as matrix materials for hybrid synthetic/renewable and renewable/renewable fiber composites, not only to achieve high performance but also to explore chemical recyclability and establish levels of textile degradation during such processes. This will be complemented by an exploration of mechanical recycling to realize multi-tiered lifecycle options, with the aim to create fully sustainable, high performance hybrid composites.

In addition to scientific support by recognized experts in the field, the candidate will have access to fully equipped labs for fiber composite preparation and testing at various scales. Their efforts will be aided by state of the art characterization facilities, including relevant spectrometric (FTIR, NMR, XPS, MALDI) and chromatographic (GPC) tools, structural characterization methods (SEM, AFM, microCT), thermal analysis equipment (TGA, DSC, DMA, TMA, etc.), mechanical (quasi-static tensile, flexural, etc.) and physical testing (contact angle). The candidate will prepare and test hybrid composites, characterize fiber-matrix interactions and explore recycling options.