Department Polymer Engineering and Science

The Department of Polymer Engineering and Science at the Montanuniversität Leoben is an internationally recognized research institution which has been working in the field of polymer engineering and science for over 40 years.

Vitally important for this excellent reputation is the strong cooperation with international companies. Special attention is paid to collaborative projects ranging from local projects to international EU-projects. The Department of Polymer Engineering and Science comprises eight floors across a total area of 6,597 square meters. With its state-of-the-art research facilities, including more than 300 machines, it ticks all the boxes.

1 Department - 6 chairs

The Department of Polymer Engineering and Science consists of six chairs (professorships) which undertake high-quality research in the fields of chemistry of polymeric materials, designing plastics and composite materials, polymer processing, injection moulding of polymers, processing of composites and materials science and testing of polymers.

Polymer engineering a unique course of studies

In addition to research and development, the Department of Polymer Engineering and Science is also well known for its excellent training and education. Due to the great importance and wide range of the utilization of polymeric materials and due to their still very high development potential, there is a great demand for technically and scientifically skilled polymer engineers.