Smart Production

In today's world, "smart production" is playing an increasingly important role in the plastics industry. Innovative technologies and new approaches enable more efficient production processes. In the following section, nine projects of the Department of Polymer Engineering and Science are presented, which deal with different aspects of "smart production" with plastics (thermoplastics, rubbers and fiber composites).

The very diverse topics range from 

  • further developed anti-adhesive coatings as demolding aids in mold making, 
  • novel non-toxic photoinitiators for polymer coatings, 
  • overmolding of electronic components to create "smart" surfaces, 
  • new surprising findings on the wear of plastic mold steels, to 
  • different inspection and quality monitoring systems as well as 
  • more energy efficient production processes in rubber and also fiber composite processing.

These reports offer an insight into the diverse research activities of the Department of Polymer Engineering and Science on applications and innovations of "smart production" with polymers. They show how new technologies and approaches can optimize production processes and improve quality assurance.


Our projects and research topics (selection)