Method development

In contrast to the day-to-day business in industry, we at the Department for Polymer Engineering and Science also have time and resources to take a closer look in research projects. In doing so, we can use existing methods, adapt them, or develop completely new ones. Whether in experiments, data evaluations or simulations: This is where problems from several industries and fields of application come together.

Why should you be interested in a method outside your own field of application? Well, physics is the same everywhere, regardless of the length and time scale. When trying to understand the mechanisms behind problems, these mechanisms are therefore often similar.

The following pages show current methods developed by the Department for Polymer Engineering and Science. I encourage you to look especially at those methods that fall outside your area of expertise: You may find on these pages exactly what is missing in your field right now. And if that's the case, don't hesitate to contact the relevant colleagues. 

In any case, both sides get a view from the outside and new ideas. You may even have the chance to advance your field at a high level and with reasonable effort. And the researchers may have an opportunity to take a closer look somewhere else in a similar way as before. 


Our projects and research topics (selection)