Recycling of polymers

Plastics are multifunctional, innovative and resource-efficient materials, which contribute significantly to technological advances and more important, to a sustainable development of our environment, economy and society. However, with regard to the transition to an efficient plastics circular economy envisaged by the EU, there is a significant need for innovation in terms of materials and technology. The basis for this is intensive and interdisciplinary research and development addressing complex interrelations of (bio-based) polymer components or material and product architecture with additional functionality, polymer-physical performance, efficient processability, and recyclability. Current projects at the Department of Polymer Enegineering and Science therefore address

  • the development of innovative (bio-based) polymeric materials, composites and products with additional functionality, especially with regard to second-life options,
  • the development of intelligent material or product designs that enable a reduction of the total material input as well as a reuse or the production of high-quality recyclates,
  • the development of innovative processing techniques and technologies for the resource-efficient production of plastics and composites as well as the sorting and recycling of plastic waste, and 
  • the production of durable and reliable high-tech products from or with plastics recyclate. 


Our projects and research topics (selection)