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From the development to the reuse of polymers and polymer-material composites: The entire range of polymer science and materials technology is part of the curriculum of our studies.

Here you can find all information about the study itself, the prerequisites and many other useful info.

Info & advice

We offer you many different opportunities to get to know the world of polymers up close. A few hours, a morning or a whole day? We can always offer you a varied programme.

Basically, we offer the following activities:

We invite you and your class to Leoben and you can get a close look at the world of polymers on site. Our experienced employees will show you the most diverse areas of Polymer Engineering and Science and you can experience first-hand why polymer is the material of the future. Of course, individuals, teachers and parents are also welcome at any time.

You can either come together with your class or take the opportunity to visit one of the Info Days at the Montanuniversität alone, with your parents or friends. 

Info days at the Montanuni

You can't make it to Leoben? No problem, then take advantage of our online counseling. You can talk to a student personally via video call. 

Online Study Counseling

You can also take a look around the campus before your visit - our virtual tour shows you all the important locations on campus. 

Virtual tour

No time for a visit, or the way is too far and you are still interested? No problem, our employees will be happy to visit you and your class at your school. Always with us is our demo case with interesting exhibits, which allows you to learn about polymers from a wide range of applications.

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Would you like to earn a little extra money during your holidays or get to know the different areas of work of a polymer engineer? We offer you the possibility of a internship during the summer months. Or would you like to experience at first hand what our polymer engineers do all day and what it is like to study in Leoben? No problem, you are welcome to come and "sniff around" with us for one or two days. We also give you the opportunity to complete your work experience days with us.

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Our scientists would like to share current research questions with students and invite school classes to work together on solutions for a sustainable future. As part of the [UN]CLASSIFIED lecture series, a variety of exciting lectures and workshops are available via live video chat. Our teachers look forward to virtually opening their (lab) doors and providing fascinating insights into research and science at the Montanuniversität.

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The Study program in detail

There are virtually no limits to the areas in which polymers can be used. Only about one-third of the plastics processed worldwide go into packaging; the far greater proportion is used by us, and often without knowing that it is plastic. Yet it's not just many gadgets and products from our everyday lives that we can't imagine living without and that wouldn't work without polymers: (micro-) electronics for entertainment products such as smartphones, tablets or notebooks, sports equipment or components in our (e-)scooters, bikes and cars... For example, modern medicine or the construction industry would also be unthinkable without polymers: Hardly any other material has proven to be as valuable as polymers, for example as protection against infections or as components of life-saving medical devices in hospitals as well as for thermal insulation of houses or for the construction of photovoltaic systems to save energy and costs. And much more.


Connected thinking

At the beginning of the academic year in October 2022, the Polymer Engineering and Science program was replaced by the new Bachelor's program in Materials Science and Technology (MaWiTech). For this purpose, the two study programs Polymer Engineering and Science were merged. The aim of the change was to fundamentally modernize the study program for you and to spice it up with new teaching concepts and harmonize the content of the two subjects. At the end of the bachelor's degree, you will be a materials technologist with in-depth knowledge in both areas. 

There will be no changes to the master's program for the time being. After the bachelor's degree, you can continue to specialize in Polymer Engineering and Science. A renewal of the master's program is also planned for the near future.  

Further information about our study programs

Bachelor study Materials Science and Technology

Master study Polymer Engineering and Science

Master study Materials Science

Master study Advanced Materials Science and Engineering (AMASE)


The Bachelor and Master programs at the Montanuniversität Leoben start in the winter semester and summer semester. However, we recommend that you start your studies in the winter semester. All students with a positive Matura certificate can start their studies at Montanuniversität.

Persons without a school-leaving certificate can acquire the general university entrance qualification for bachelor studies by taking the Studienberechtigungsprüfung. At the Graz University of Technology, the university entrance qualification can be obtained for the technical and for the montanistic studies.

There is no selection procedure and the number of study places is not limited.

Students can only register during the admission periods. (There are no exceptions to this rule!).


All info about the approval

Dates and deadlines

Campus Le(o)ben

Where is Leoben actually located? With just under 25,000 inhabitants, Leoben is the second largest city in Styria and the economic centre of Upper Styria. Directly on the S6, the Semmering motorway, the federal capital Vienna can be reached in about two hours; trains from Leoben to Vienna run almost every hour and also take hardly more than 2 hours.

Speaking of campus - all university buildings and the most important infrastructure you need can be found in Leoben's city centre, always just a few minutes' walk from each other.


Sport and leisure

Leoben also has a lot to offer in terms of sports: The USI - the University Sports Institute - for example, offers numerous courses in a wide variety of sports - from Akido to Zumba. The numerous sports courses of the University Sports Institute provide the right balance to the daily study routine. And did you know that we have our own ice hockey and rugby team (also for women)? For first-year students, our USI courses are a great opportunity not only to try out new and innovative sports, but also to make social contacts.

Those who like to work out indoors can do so in one of the 3 fitness studios located in the city centre alone.

Pure nature - Styria! The HOCHsteiermark region also invites you to take part in varied outdoor activities. Numerous well-designated running trails in various degrees of difficulty start partly directly in Leoben's city centre, mountain bike trails, for example to the Mugl, the local mountain in Niklasdorf, or the Mur cycle path and the mountains of HOCHsteiermark offer active variety.

In summer, the LE Bootshaus offers many different ways to explore the Mur - rafting, stand up paddling or bridge jumping. All year round, you can do your laps in the outdoor or indoor swimming pool of the Asia Spa Leoben.

In winter, a total of 17 larger and smaller skiing areas in the immediate vicinity offer perfectly groomed slopes and cross-country skiing trails. And ski tourers also get their money's worth.


Shopping, culture and leisure

In the middle of the old town centre and in the historic walls of a former Dominican monastery is the LeobenCityShopping (LSC) with a wide range of modern shops, pubs and restaurants. If your heart beats not only for science, but also for art and culture, then visit the Kunsthalle Leoben, where renowned major exhibitions are held regularly.


Events and Nightlife

Small and nothing going on? Quite the opposite - Leoben has a very active student scene! In addition to the numerous bars, it is the many activities of the student representatives and the individual student associations that provide variety to the everyday student life. For example, the KT student representatives, the VLK - Verband Leobener Kunststofftechniker and the Department of Polymer Engineering and Science organise the KomeTogether every year in the run-up to Christmas and the suckling pig barbecue in May. These events offer the opportunity to talk to students and even lecturers. But the city of Leoben also has a lot to offer here, traditional festivals such as the Gösser Kirtag or the Advent market on the main square are just a few examples. At the LE Music Nights, which take place twice a year, the majority of Leoben's pubs participate and offer live music of the extra class!


Leoben's traditions

As one of the most modern universities in Austria, we can look back on more than 175 years of history. During this time, several mining and student traditions have been established and preserved, which contribute significantly to Leoben's identity. This begins with the common greeting "Glück auf!" and extends to the black mountain smock, which can be worn by all university members on festive occasions, to the "leather jump", with which the first-semester students are welcomed into their new profession. The personal greeting of these so-called "Schwammerl" by the rector when handing over the matriculation certificate or the farewell into the summer holidays at the "Bierauszug" are just as unique in Leoben as the personal graduation celebrations, called "Philistrierungen".

Living in Leoben

What is it like to live in Leoben? Good and cheap! There are 16 halls of residence in Leoben, 5 of which have only been completed in the last few years. Student halls of residence are ideal for making connections with other students in the early stages of your studies. Of course, you also have the option of moving into a shared flat or your own flat. However, all options have one thing in common: living in Leoben is affordable.

For comparison: flat rents in Vienna average €13.10 per square metre, in Leoben we have €8.64. (Source: Housing Exchange)

Leoben's infrastructure is also impressive: you can find almost everything you need right on the main square and in the LCS - the Leoben City Shopping Center.


Any further questions? Don't hesitate to contact us:

Tanja Grössing
Public relations and school promotion