H.F. Mark Sustainability Award: Sustainable projects wanted

The H.F. Mark Sustainability Award recognizes projects that deal with the responsible use of plastic as a resource

The increasing relevance of sustainable use of the resources available to us is becoming ever clearer. Plastics in particular are repeatedly the focus of critical scrutiny by the general public. Nevertheless, this material offers a wide range of possible applications due to its specific properties and has decisive advantages over other materials.

Plastics will play an increasingly important role in the development of sustainable products in the future. The H.F. Mark Sustainability Award aims to underline this potential. This award was created to highlight projects that are dedicated to the current challenges in the area of "sustainability of plastics".

Projects - both ongoing and completed - that deal with the responsible use of plastics as a resource are eligible for submission. The focus can be on recycling, resource conservation or sustainability. Companies of all kinds, institutions and research and educational establishments are invited to submit entries. The winner of the H.F. Mark Sustainability Award will be announced in October at the H.F. Mark Medal Ceremony, which the OFI has been organizing every year since 1975.

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