Neha Yadav awarded ÖWGP doctoral prize

For her dissertation on the topic "Inline monitoring and control for Automated Tape Laying" Neha Yadav was awarded the 3rd place, which is endowed with EUR 1,000.00.

In her dissertation at the Institute of Processing of Composites, Neha Yadav investigated various approaches for automated detection of material-inherent as well as process-induced defects in laminates made of continuously fiber-reinforced polymer composites produced by thermoplastic lay-up technology. Further information on their research work can also be found in our current annual report.

This year's prize was awarded on October 10, 2023 during a doctoral colloqium of the Austrian Scientific Society for Production Engineering at the University of Innsbruck. We congratulate very warmly!

This year's award winners (from left to right): Neha Yadav (3rd prize), Muaaz Abdul Hadi (1st prize), Alexander Hochwallner (2nd prize) © ÖWGP

Neha Yadav, PhD student at the Chair of Processing of Composite Materials