Substance data determination

Decades of experience in the field of processing and materials analysis and testing, combined with our wide range of testing options, enable us to solve a wide variety of tasks. Our services range from the determination of rheological and thermodynamic material data of polymer melts, wood-thermoplastic compounds and PIM feedstocks to the clarification of damage cases and the development of customised polymer blends.

What we do:
  • Material data for injection moulding and extrusion simulation
  • Rheology
  • Characterisation and identification of polymers
  • Thermal analysis
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
  • Failure analysis
  • Solution of processing problems
  • Consulting and training

Dr. Ivica Duretek

+43 3842 402 3518


  • Rotary rheometer Anton Paar MCR501
  • High pressure capillary rheometer Göttfert Rheograph 2002
  • Machine rheometer
    • By-Pass Extrusion Rheometer
    • Injection Moulding Machine Rheometer
    • PIM injection moulding machine rheometer
  • Strain Rheometer SER-HV-P01
  • Strain tester Göttfert RHEOTENS 71.97
  • Thermal conductivity meter K-System II
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter Mettler Toledo DSC1
  • Density meter SWO PVT100


Rheological measurements

  • Viscosity as a function of pressure, temperature and shear rate
  • Shear viscosity (ISO 11443)
  • Complex viscosity (ISO 6721)
  • Transient extensional viscosity (ISO 20965)
  • Elongation behaviour and melt strength (RHEOTENS)
  • Magnetorheology
  • Characteristics for flow laws
  • Flow properties of wall-sliding plastic melts
  • Measurement of flow properties under processing conditions
  • Measurements on thermoplastics, elastomers, feedstocks for powder injection moulding (PIM), wood plastic composites (WPC), reactive systems, low-viscosity substances (food, oils...)

Thermodynamic substance data

  • Thermal conductivity as a function of pressure and temperature (ASTM D5930-09)
  • Specific heat capacity (ISO 11357)
  • Specific volume as a function of pressure and temperature (ISO 17744)

Dynamic-mechanical thermal analysis

  • Characterisation of reactive or solid samples from room to softening temperature


  • In the selection and introduction of suitable measuring methods and equipment for testing and quality assurance.
  • In the determination of material and material characteristics relevant to practice
  • Support in cases of damage through damage analyses on moulded parts and semi-finished products