Women's power in recycling

Our scientists Nina, Christine and Ulrike are rocking the new WINTRUST project - Wintersport Resource Efficiency and improved Circular Economy. But what exactly are our researchers working on in the project? 

DI (FH) Nina Krempl is an expert in mechanical recycling, circular economy, injection molding & compounding at our Institute of Polymer Processing. In the project, she will examine the separated materials: Can they be processed and adapted so that, in the best case, they can be reused for the original products?

As a chemist at our Institute of Chemistry of Polymeric Materials, Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Christine Bandl works on the modification and characterization of polymer-based surfaces and coatings. In the project, she will be researching how the stubborn adhesions between the individual components of ski equipment can be chemically dissolved.

Ulrike Kirschnick, MSc. BSc. MEng. is a scientist at our Institute of Processing of Composites and Design of Recycling. Her area of expertise is the recycling and life cycle assessment of composite materials. In the project, she will collect reproducible real data and carry out a comprehensive life cycle analysis of all processes in order to develop a process-oriented workflow.


All information about the project can be found here

DI (FH) Nina Krempl

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Christine Bandl 

Ulrike Kirschnick, MSc. BSc. MEng.