Christian Doppler Laboratory

In April 2013, the Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) for highly efficient composite processing started operations. FACC Operations GmbH supported the CDL as an industrial partner.

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Economic Development (BMDW) and supervised by the Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG), the CDL had a term of up to 7 years. The CDL ended on 31 March 2020.

The aim of the project was to develop a fundamental understanding of various process routes that enable the production of aerospace-typical, high load-bearing structural components. A special focus was placed on cost-efficient manufacturing. Process chains known according to the state of the art were analysed and optimised, and new developments were also planned. For selected process steps, the aim was to achieve improved functionality that significantly exceeds the state of the art.

The following diagram summarises the working groups and the topics dealt with.