Guidelines for submitting the bachelor's degree

When the time has finally come and you have completed all the examinations for your Bachelor's degree, the question often arises: What do I still have to do now to get my degree confirmed?

The following steps need to be taken:

  1. Completion of all necessary examinations. The Bachelor's thesis with grade must be entered in MUonline and activated by the respective institute.
  2. Go to the Studies and Examinations Department, where you only have to say that you would like to submit your Bachelor's thesis. You will receive four pieces of paper and make an appointment with Ms. Winter for the submission. If you have any questions, the Studies and Examinations Department will also help you.
  3. Fill out and complete the slips:
    1. Fill in the master data sheet:
      where the first 3 lines (matriculation number, surname and first name) and further down at "Intended studies" - "Master's degree in plastics engineering" are to be entered. (Plus a signature on the bottom right in the field provided).
  4. Slip of paper with the title "CENTRAL SERVICES Studies and Courses", this must be filled in completely.
  5. (The number of semesters is the one in which you completed the last examination).
  6. Slip of paper with the "Non-binding confirmation".
  7. Go to the main library for a stamp confirming that you no longer have any debts (all books you have borrowed must be returned). Nothing else needs to be filled in, as we do not have a Bachelor's examination.
  8. Fill in the Statistik Austria form.
  9. The link to it is given on the sheet mentioned before (3.c.). What has to be filled in on the page and how is self-explanatory). Print out the confirmation that you have provided the information.
  10. Print out all study sheets. (There is one sheet per semester, which can be found in MUonline under the link "Studienbestätigung" è "Studienblatt" - select one after the other and print it out).
  11. Although you have entered the grade for completing the prescribed practice (practice form), you still need a copy of the page with the confirmation of the practice form (confirmation must be officially 3 months old). This copy must be stamped and signed. (Normally you get such a copy immediately when the practice is fulfilled and you pick up the practice form again. If not, it can be obtained from Carina Benedikt (secretary's office of the Chair of Injection Moulding of Plastics), on the 3rd floor of the ZKT. Furthermore, it is not a bad idea to take the practice form with you - just to be on the safe side.
  12. Appear at Mrs. Winter's with all the above-mentioned, correctly completed slips of paper. (Duration approx. 45-60 min)
  13. Wait for confirmation of completion - this can take a few days. You will then receive an e-mail informing you that your alumni account has been activated, and another e-mail confirming that you have successfully completed your studies at MU.
  14. In addition, you are usually invited to the next Bachelor celebration (by email). Participation in this, as well as the number of colleagues/friends/relatives coming along, must be announced (reply to the mail). Dress code: Festive dress (i.e. mountain gown, suit, dress, ... etc.).
  15. Participation in the Bachelor ceremony: Arrive on time! All graduates sit together in the front part of the auditorium (name cards - order by field of study). In the course of the ceremony, all will receive their certificates.
  16. Congratulations! You are officially a Bachelor!