Tips for studying

The course of studies is regulated in the "Curriculum for the study of plastics engineering". Our curriculum contains information on the study plan for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, prerequisites for courses, guidelines for internship days, etc.

On MUonline you will also find a semester study plan - this is an overview of all relevant courses offered for the respective degree programme and when you should attend them. 



In the course of the studies, each student has to complete internships in the amount of 80 working days in plastics companies during the bachelor's programme. The internship is to be confirmed by the respective company by means of a stamp in the internship book.



Association of Leoben Polymer Engineers (VLK)
The Association of Leoben Polymer Engineers (VLK) sees itself as a community of all students and graduates of plastics engineering in Leoben. With the help of membership fees and thanks to the support of various companies, the VLK can support students in various activities (excursions, scripts, ...). In addition, it offers the possibility to get in touch with graduates and thus with the economy. The membership fees for students are extremely low, so it is advisable for EVERY polymer engineer to become a member of the VLK and thus enjoy the benefits and offers of the VLK.

  • Download: VLK membership form