Polymer Technology Student Council

The plastics engineering student council is a link between students and lecturers and always has an open ear for your questions and problems concerning your studies. The best way to get helpful tips and tricks from experienced students is to attend the regular get-togethers, which are held regularly together with the Association of Leoben Polymer Engineers (VLK). Stay up to date and follow the Polymer Technology Student Council in Facebook. 


What does the student council do?


  • support students in their studies. If problems arise and we are informed of them, we will take care of the matter and advise you.
  • represent the student body vis-à-vis the professors and the university staff in various matters.
  • are part of the curriculum commission and take care of the studyability of the degree programme in polymer engineering.
  • organise regular events together with the VLK (Association of Leoben Polymer Engineers). These include our annual Christmas party and the KomeTogether as well as our summer party - the suckling pig barbecue. Together with the VLK and the Department of Polymer Engineering, the Student Council covers the costs of these events and takes care of your physical well-being.
  • As a new highlight, we organise a party every year, the profits of which are used to sponsor the main excursion.
  • There are also regular get-togethers. Usually, the student representatives or the VLK take over the first round of drinks.
  • At all these events, you have the opportunity to talk to professors and other polymer engineering students from higher semesters in a cosy setting. In this way, you can already build up a strong network during your studies.
  • We support our students with grants and subsidies. Below you will find some forms that you can use to apply for grants. We are always open to new ideas! Get involved, contact us via email, Facebook or in person - maybe we can realise your project! 
  • We give our graduates a small souvenir of their studies after they have completed their diploma exams!

Student representative KT